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What kind of school is OLS Home Learning?
What are the merits of studying Japanese online?
I'm not living in Japan. Can I still take your lessons?
I don't know much about computers. Can I still take lessons?
I'm afraid online lessons may have many problems.
Are telephone charges included?
Do I have to pay administration fees and joining fees?
Do I have to have a webcam?
I don't speak Japanese at all. Can I still take lessons?
What is SKYPE?
I have questions on how to use SKYPE.
Should I prepare SKYPE by myself?
Where can I get the necessary equipment?
Can I change my registration information?
What do I need to prepare before the lesson starts?
What do I need to take smooth, trouble free lessons?
I use a Macintosh computer. Can I use your service?
When can I take lessons?
How long are lessons for?
How can I make a reservation?
I would like to know more about your teachers?
Do the teachers speak English?
Are teachers changed each lesson?
When should I pay tuition?
How can I pay? Can I pay with a credit card?
Does the tuition fee include textbook costs?
Is there a textbook? Must I use it?
What kind of classes and levels do you have?
I would like to know how the lessons proceed.
I would like to know about reservation and cancellation validity.
If I'm late for a lesson, what can I do?
I would like to ask other questions not answered here.
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