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Step1   Free Trial Lesson

Free Trial LessonDownload “SKYPE” and then apply for a Free Trial Lesson at our website. Course and level counseling will be provided.


Our lessons are online lessons. You will need to have the necessary equipment (computer, headset, webcam etc.).


Certain conditions are needed for your computer to be able to run “SKYPE” smoothly. Please refer to ¡ÈSystem Requirements¡É.



Apply for a Free Trial Lesson here!!

Step2   Enrollment

Registration FormIf you liked the Trial Lesson, the next step is to enroll by simply clicking ¡ÈRegistration Form¡É below.

Registration Form

PayPalCourse / lesson fees are payable with your Visa or MasterCard using PayPal, an online payment service.


Before signing up for lessons, make sure to thoroughly read our School Terms and Conditions on our website.


Step3   Lesson Reservations

Within 2 business days of confirming your payment, we will send you your member login ID and password via email.


Then you can start reserving your lessons on our website. Choose a convenient time from our schedule and then click. Very easy!

Lesson Reservations

Textbooks are not included in the lesson fee . Even though textbooks are optional, it’s highly recommended that we use one together. If there is a specific textbook that you would like to use, please let us know.

Step4  Taking Lessons

Wait in front of your computer (turned on!) for your teacher to call you at the scheduled time.

Step5   Enjoy Learning Japanese

Relax and enjoy your Japanese lessons!!

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