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    OLS Home Learning

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    Japanese Language Instruction
    Portuguese Language Instruction<


    40 - 6 Toyotsu, 304 EBIC Suita, Suita City, Osaka , 564-0051, Japan
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    Daisuke Sakurai

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    Mon-Sat 6:00~24:00
    Sunday and national holidays are closed.
    (Open depending on individual teacher’s schedule.)

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    Bank transfer
    (Transfer fee is the responsibility of the student.)

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    Two business days after payment confirmation, we enroll you as our student. After you receive your ID and password, you can reserve and take lessons.

About EBIC Suita

Suita City supports small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs that have businesses in Suita city. This support is one of the city’s efforts to help stimulate the local economy. They provide, for the first 3 years, low office space rent in a private building to help decrease the heavy load of opening expenses for small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs.


We are also receiving support from Suita City and Suita City Chamber of Commerce and Industry about such things as management consultation, fund planning, taxation as well as various other matters.


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