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Privacy Policy

As an education service institute, OLS Home Learning will treat information about our students and clients appropriately and securely. OLS Home Learning observes “Requirements for Compliance Program on Personal Information Protection (JIS Q 15001)” and the law concerning protection of personal information and the standard procedures for the protection of this personal information.


This policy explains how we manage personal information and the security precautions taken.

1) Collection of Personal Information

OLS Home Learning respects its student’s personal rights and privacy. OLS Home Learning has its own purpose for collecting information and will limit its use.

2) Protection of Personal Information

OLS Home Learning protects personal information by maintaining its security system against any illegal access to, and loss or change of, a member's personal information.

3) Use of Information

OLS Home Learning uses personal information contained on the application form, inquiries and questionnaires for the purpose of running an effective educational service.

4) Disclosure of Personal Information

The student's personal information may be disclosed only with the agreement of the student or if OLS Home Learning is obligated by law.

5) Access to and Correction of Personal Information

You may request access to and correction of your personal information, or request OLS Home Learning to access and correct your information, at any time. If you have registered as a user on an OLS Home Learning website, you may access and update your information by logging in with your username and password.

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