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Terms & Conditions

1 (User Rules)

OLS Home Learning offers the service of online language study either to individual applicants who follow the procedures indicated by OLS Home Learning or persons who are authorized by OLS Home Learning to represent the applicant.

2 (Agreement of Terms)

The following are the rules or Terms of Use that govern use of our service. Our service should only be used by those who expressly agree to be bound by these Terms and to follow these Terms and all applicable laws and regulations.

3 (Modifications in Policies Regarding Usage)

OLS Home Learning reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the website without advanced notice. If the user chooses to continue utilizing our website after notification of the changes, it means he/she accepts the new terms and conditions.

4 (Approval of Application of Admission)

  • The person who uses our service must apply by a way specified by OLS Home Learning.
  • Applicant should confirm computer equipment is suitable for the use of service provided before applicant applies for our service.
  • It is considered that the applicant has accepted the content of these Terms and Conditions when applying for enrollment

5 (Non-acceptance of Application)

OLS Home Learning, at its own discretion, may choose to not accept an application should any of the following conditions occur;

  • When applicant has not transferred sufficient lesson payment.
  • OLS Home Learning finds any false, incorrect or blank information in the application form.
  • When applicant might disturb smooth management of this service
  • Previous OLS Home Learning enrollment of the applicant was terminated for violation of these Terms.
  • For any other reason that OLS Home Learning deems the application is inaccurate or not appropriate.

6 (Service Contract)

The contract between the applicant and OLS Home Learning is formed at the moment of "completion of application".
"Completion of application" refers to the stage where an applicant has received admission of enrollment by email from OLS Home Learning.

7 (Service Expiration Period)

The expiration period of the provided service is assumed to be one year after payment is confirmed. When this expiration period has passed, it is considered that a lesson was attended regardless of attendance or absence of the lesson/s, all payment will be forfeited at this point and further lesson reservations not possible. However, sufficient subsequent payment will allow the applicant re-use of service.

8 (Cancellation of Membership)

The cancellation of our services (membership cancellation) is done according to the method and the conditions that OLS Home Learning has established. After cancellation procedures, the member (student) is able to reserve and take lessons until funds have depleted or expiration period has passed.

9 ( Return of Payment )

When a contract is canceled, as a rule, OLS Home Learning will return unused funds. In this case, a ¥1,000 cancellation & processing fee will apply. Moreover, in the case of a computer system failure, political unrest, war or acts of terrorism, or equipment or line damage due to natural disaster etc. occurring unexpectedly during the lesson and whereby attending the lesson becomes temporarily difficult, the lesson fee is, as a rule, non-refundable. However, there are some cases whereby a settlement can be made between OLS Home Learning and the student.

10 (Rules Regarding Lesson Reservation and Cancellation)

  • Reservation of lessons is possible from 3 weeks before to 12 hours before the lesson. Reservation after this is not accepted.
  • The cancellation of lessons is possible up to 12 hours before the lesson. Cancellation after that is not accepted.
  • Please confirm details of the lesson time, lesson fee, etc. on our website. Students can take their reserved lessons up to 10 minutes after start time. After 10 minutes into the lesson, the lesson is canceled and fee amount for that lesson becomes non-refundable.
  • Lesson duration is 40 minutes and this time cannot be changed.

11 (Contents and copyright)

All educational materials and the website itself are possessions of OLS Home Learning, and are protected by international laws regarding intellectual property rights. Without prior written permission from OLS Home Learning, our materials may not be transferred, distributed, reproduced, or translated in any form.

12 (Indemnity)

OLS Home Learning will not be liable for any losses or damages (whether such losses were foreseen, foreseeable, known or otherwise) including loss of profits, indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages or losses due to a compensation claim against a member by third parties for such reasons as;

  • Loss or damage of equipment during installation of a network cable or due to network trouble or bad connection
  • Loss or damage of equipment due to power cuts including scheduled power cuts
  • Loss or damage of equipment due to unforeseen and/or unavoidable incidents such as fires and/or other natural disasters
  • Loss or damage of equipment caused by the member
  • Loss or damage of equipment or unwanted changes to information stored on their computer or other devices
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